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好用的資料庫管理工具phpMyAdmin,釋出了2.7.0-beta1,更新的部分還滿多的,目前還在研究中,目前我搭配的資料庫是mysql 4.1.15。




* New plugin-based import module
* Some pages now use fieldsets for better look
* Better support for information_schema
* Upgrade script new options
* Better displaying of privileges when there are differences between the various user definition tables
* Structure: count unique value for each field
* Can now limit the list of shown languages
* User-specific upload and save server directories
* Remove Drop tab for mysql database
* New transformation: SQL pretty printing
* Ability to limit maximum size of extended insert
* Support for searching in the foreign key window
* Can now replace an existing bookmark
* New shortcuts for IP rules
* Detect lack of privileges for Create new table

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