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這次的更新主要是針對Mac OS X在麥金塔、Intel處理器和新的Universal Binary支援,提高Firefox在新蘋果電腦機型上的處理效能,同時也提高Firefox瀏覽器在各平台的穩定度。我自己覺得對Windows或Unix based等平台的Firefox用家來說,讀取Google的Gmail頁面不會再常發生讓瀏覽器當掉的情形,另外修正的諸多安全性問題,讓人使用得更安心。Firefox詳細的功能與bug更新列表如下:


* [Mac] Firefox is a universal binary.
o Note: If you use the automatic update tool in Firefox, you'll be updated to a PPC-only build of Firefox
o Note: There is no Talkback on Intel-based Macs when running natively or under Rosetta.
* 286557 – Need an easy way to skip/disable/turn off the Import Wizard (profile migration) on first startup (when no profile exists).
* 320504 – Prompt users to submit feedback when uninstalling Firefox.
* 320192 – Better way for users/testers to detect and isolate leaks of large object graphs (more info).


* 325561 – Partial update fails if search plugin to be patched is missing.
* 307558 – Customized toolbars are reset to default after search plugin update check.
* 306426 – Certain submenus blink (flash, flicker) rapidly and do not expand when highlighted (hovered over).
* 303713 – textbox.dispatchEvent(keyEvent) no longer adds character to textbox in Firefox 1.0.6.
* 318419 – window.setTimeout() goes crazy periodically – functions are immediately called repeatedly.
* 319463 – display:none iframe pointing to a xul document stops main document from finishing to load.
* 137155 – POST request sent as two small packets (IIS 5 sometimes chokes).
* Security
o Several security holes, the most serious of which could lead to remote code execution. (Information about these security holes will be announced shortly after the release, probably within hours.)
* Crashes
o 317865 (topcrash #2?) – Stop doing last-ditch garbage collection due to there being 4MB on the JS heap. ("Last-ditch garbage collection" is garbage collection called by the JS allocator. Bugs tickled by LDGCs are believed to be responsible for several topcrashes; this patch will make those crashes much less frequent. This patch should also make life less painful when you have a lot of JavaScript objects allocated. LDGCs are still possible in cases of malloc failure, or if the JS engine allocates 4MB without doing a GC, but those situations are less common.)
o 315286 (topcrash #36) – Crash [ @ nsGlobalWindow::RunTimeout ].
o 265740 (topcrash #48) – Browser crashes sometimes when loading Gmail and loading another tab.
o 322683 – Yahoo Mail Beta related crash.
* Memory leaks
o 321283 – Using Find causes documents to leak.
o 323532 – Leak when using history autocomplete.
o 323377 – Lots of leaks in nsInternetSearchService.
* Windows-specific bugs
o 317420 – [Windows] Crash when trying to print certain pages with absolutely positioned images.
* Mac-specific bugs
o 264787 – [Mac] Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab Next/Previous Tab Keyboard Shortcuts no longer work (worked in Firefox 1.0.x).
o 309344 – [Mac] Scrollwheel doesn't work when an java applet is displayed.
o 318283 – [Mac 10.2] Hangs on data entry when autofill popup menu should shrink.

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