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全球網站用戶最多,開源陣營的資料庫Mysql,日前推出了各平台的Mysql 4.1.18版本,取代原本的Mysql 4.1.16,這次選擇直接跳過Mysql 4.1.17

上次更新4.1.16時有提到過那幾天官網將原本有關4.1.17的更新說明文件都拿掉,可能本來要釋出的,但有些問題所以延後,直接推出4.1.18版本,所以這次列出的更新內容很長。目前Mysql官方建議大家改用Mysql 5,最新的版本是Mysql 5.0.18。

Yblog.org網站的資料庫系統也隨之更新到Mysql 4.1.18。

Mysql 4.1.18更新下載頁面

Mysql 4.1.18功能與bug更新列表


4.1.18 Functionality added or changed:

NDB Cluster: More descriptive warnings are now issued when inappropriate logging parameters are set in config.ini. (Formerly, the warning issued was simply Could not add logfile destination .) (Bug #11331)

libmysqlclient now uses versioned symbols with GNU ld. (Bug #3074)

Bugs fixed:

The –replicate-do and –replicate-ignore options were not being enforced on multi-table statements. (Bug #15699, Bug #16487)

The –replicate-do and –replicate-ignore options were not being enforced on multi-table statements. (Bug #15699, Bug #16487)

Running out of diskspace in the location specified by the tmpdir option resulted in incorrect error message. (Bug #14634)

Test suite func_math test returned warnings when server not compiled with InnoDB support. (Bug #15429)

The MBROverlaps GIS function returned incorrect results. (Bug #14320)

A CREATE TABLE … SELECT … on an equation involving DOUBLE values could result in the table being created with columns too small to hold the equation result. (Bug #9855)

UPDATE statement crashed multi-byte character set FULLTEXT index if update value was almost identical to initial value only differing in some spaces being changed to  . (Bug #16489)

Single table UPDATE statements without ORDER BY clauses which updated the same indexed column that was being filtered on were optimized with a full index scan instead of a more appropriate index range scan. (Bug #15935)

A prepared statement created from a SELECT … LIKE query (such as PREPARE stmt1 FROM 'SELECT col_1 FROM tedd_test WHERE col_1 LIKE ?';) would begin to produce erratic results after being executed repeatedly numerous (thousands) of times. (Bug #12734)

4.1.17 Functionality added or changed:

In the latin5_turkish_ci collation, the order of the characters A WITH CIRCUMFLEX, I WITH CIRCUMLEX, and U WITH CIRCUMFLEX was changed. If you have used these characters in any indexed columns, you should rebuild those indexes. (Bug#13421)

Support files for compiling with Visual Studio 6 have been removed. (Bug #15094)

Internal sha1_result function renamed to mysql_sha1_result to prevent conflicts with other projects. (Bug #13944)

Bugs fixed:

Performing a RENAME TABLE on an InnoDB table when the server is started with the –innodb-file-per-table and the data directory is a symlink caused a server crash. (Bug #15991)

The mysql_stmt_attr_get function returned an unsigned int instead of a boolean for STMT_ATTR_UPDATE_MAX_LENGTH. (Bug #16144)

Characters in the gb2312 and euckr character sets which did not have Unicode mappings were truncated. (Bug #15377)

Piping the fill_help_tables.sql file into mysqld resulted in a syntax error. (Bug #15965)

NDBCluster: Upon the completion of a scan where a key request remained outstanding on the primary replica and a starting node died, the scan did not terminate. This caused incompleted error handling of the failed node. (Bug #15908)

Using CAST() to convert values with long fractional and/or exponent parts to TIME returned wrong results. (Bug #12440)

An INSERT … SELECT statement between tables in a MERGE set can return errors when statement involves insert into child table from merge table or vice-versa. (Bug #5390)

Certain permission management statements could create a NULL hostname for a user, resulting in a server crash. (Bug #15598)

For InnoDB tables, using a column prefix for a utf8 column in a primary key caused Cannot find record errors when attempting to locate records. (Bug #14056)

Certain CREATE TABLE … AS … statements involving ENUM columns could cause server crash. (Bug #12913)

Using an aggregate function as the argument for a HAVING clause would result in the aggregate function always returning FALSE. (Bug #14274)

The COALESCE() function truncated data in a TINYTEXT column. (Bug #15581)

InnoDB: Comparison of indexed VARCHAR CHARACTER SET ucs2 COLLATE ucs2_bin columns using LIKE could fail. (Bug #14583)

Issuing a DROP USER command could cause some users to encounter a hostname is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server error. (Bug #15775)

Access Denied error could be erroneously returned with specific grant combinations under high load. (Bug #7209)

Symbolic links did not function properly on Windows platforms. (Bug #14960, Bug #14310)

BDB: A DELETE, INSERT, or UPDATE of a BDB table could cause the server to crash where the query contained a subquery using an index read. (Bug #15536)

DELETE could report full-text index corruption (Invalid key for table …) if the index was built with repair-by-sort, the data in the full-text index used UCA collation, and some word appeared in the data terminated by a 0xC2A0 character as well as by other non-letter characters. (Bug #11336)

A race condition when creating temporary files caused a deadlock on Windows with threads in Opening tables or Waiting for table states. (Bug #12071)

InnoDB: If FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS was 0, InnoDB allowed inconsistent foreign keys to be created. (Bug #13778)

NDB Cluster: A memory leak occurred when performing ordered index scans using indexes a columns larger than 32 bytes, which would eventually lead to the forced shutdown of all mysqld server processes used with the cluster. (Bug #13078)

NDB Cluster: Under some circumstances, it was possible for a restarting node to undergo a forced shutdown. (Bug #15632)

NDB Cluster: If an abort by the Transaction Coordinator timed out, the abort condition was incorrectly handled, causing the transacviton record to be released prematurely. (Bug #15685)

NDB Cluster: A node which failed during cluster startup was sometimes not removed from the internal list of active nodes. (Bug #15587)

NDB Cluster: There was a small window for a node failure to occur during a backup without an error being reported. (Bug #15425)

Multiple-table update operations were counting updates and not updated rows. As a result, if a row had several updates it was counted several times for the “rows matched” value but updated only once. (Bug #15028)

SELECT queries that began with an opening parenthesis were not being placed in the query cache. (Bug #14652)

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