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Firefox瀏覽器聞名全球的Mozilla基金會,日前將Firefox正式版釋出,也包含多國語言,所以之前幫忙測試Firefox rc1的人現在可以改安裝到Firefox 繁體中文版了。

這次的更新主要是針對穩定性、Mac OS X的支援度、冰島網域名稱的支援、修正數個記憶體漏洞與加強安全性等做出改進,整體啟動效率提高,上網久了也比較不會耗費太多記憶體,詳細的功能與bug更新列表如下:

312415 – Selected images (from a selection of the document to print) are black.
105894 – Clicking a partially off-screen link shouldn’t scroll the page.
299343 – Can’t copy and paste into the beginning of a line (Midas/designMode).
314222 – If link target URL has non-ASCII char that is not encoded by UTF-8, the default file name is always escaped at “Save Link As…”.
312550 – Incorrect wrapping in RTL textarea with horizontal scrollbar.
311480 – “Firefox could not install this item because of a failure in Chrome Registration. Please contact the author about this problem.” (This bug is responsible for the release note: “If Firefox 1.5 is installed on a multi-user system in a location which is not writable by users, Firefox must be run once by a privileged user. If this is not desirable, an empty file must be created in the following directory: <install-directory>/extensions/talkback@mozilla.org/chrome.manifest”)
296907 – <canvas> fill/stroke shouldn’t destroy path.
301678 – XML object parsed from string from flash throws permission denied error when accessed.
309044 – Flash Player 8 “Bad NPObject as private data!”.
319391 – “eval(‘…’) = …” gives “invalid assignment lefthand side” as a compile-time error instead of as a runtime error (regression).
318489 – Unable to create new XMLHttpRequests and DOMParsers from an XPCNativeWrapped window (e.g. in a Greasemonkey script).
315434 – Security error with remote <xul:tabbox>: can’t switch tabs if chrome has focus.

* 319004 – Overlong page title causes hang on subsequent startups.
* Other security holes not yet disclosed (as of 2006-02-01).


* 319357 (topcrash #5) – Crash in browser when attempting to print a text selection [@ nsImageWin::DrawTile].
* 320488 (topcrash #42) – Crash [@ nsSHistory::EvictWindowContentViewers].
* 306067 (topcrash #49) – Crash involving autocomplete.
* 315509 – Crash: array_unshift doesn’t handle holes properly [@ js_DeleteProperty – array_unshift].
* 316821 – Crash with moz-border-radius and small font-size.
* 318922 – E4X: invalid syntax to use a memory variable crashes Firefox.

Memory leaks

* 316775 – Leak when selecting.
* 317478 – Leaks due to global scope polluter being removed from not enough (?) prototype chains. (Large leak on any page that relies on seeing element IDs in the global scope.)

Mac-specific bugs

* 313988 – [Mac OS X 10.3] Positioned select drop-down doesn’t work.
* 298502 – [Mac OS X 10.2] Empty pulldown menu and Firefox hangs. (This bug was the reason the “system requirements” page for Firefox 1.5 said it required Mac OS X 10.3.)

Linux-specific bugs

* 305970 – [Linux] Certain UI operations (opening dialogs, drag and drop) cause refresh, prolonged hang (with new versions of GTK).

Solaris-specific bugs

* 312154 – [Solaris] Start script does not take care of running instance.

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