ATI釋出新驅動程式Catalyst 5.13

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ATI釋出新驅動程式Catalyst 5.13

ATI日前釋出了新的驅動程式Catalyst 5.13,這個版本不但改善了繪圖卡的效率,最大的優點是改善了整個畫質輸出效果。也是ATI之前承諾過,要提前給玩家的聖誕禮物。比照一下ATI的Catalyst 5.12和NVIDIA ForceWare 81.98的更新列表就知道了,後者有點乏善可陳。


F.E.A.R: Slow game performance is no longer noticed when using CrossFire.

The Video Preview no longer fails to change to its default settings when swapping the display mappings using the Catalyst® Control Center.

Attempting to stretch the display horizontally using the Catalyst® Control Center, no longer results in the horizontal stretch mode failing to be applied unless the display is stretched vertically first.

The PowerPlay™ option found in the Catalyst® Control Center no longer defaults to the enabled state after initial install of the display driver for systems containing an ATI Radeon® Xpress 200 series product.

Auto-detect no longer fails to be applied as the default setting for the Deinterlacing option when first entering the Video aspect page of the Catalyst® Control Center. Currently the option is set as Weave.

Catalyst® Control Center: Attempting to extend the desktop display when using a CRT, TV and DFP display devices no longer results in display corruption being noticed on the primary display adapter.

Attempting to set the CRT as the primary display device after hot-plugging a DFP display device and enabling extended desktop mode, no longer results in the CRT failing to be set as the primary.

Catalyst® Control Center: Entering the Overdrive™ aspect and changing the GPU setting to 509 and the memory setting to 505 no longer results in color corruption and the Windows XP operating system rebooting.

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