PHP 5.1.1正式釋出,緊急修補5.1.0的bugs

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PHP 5.1.1正式釋出,緊急修補5.1.0的bugs

PHP官方網站剛剛釋出了PHP 5.1.1,離上次5.1.0版本的PHP發佈,間隔只有4天。PHP官方緊急表示,建議使用PHP5的網站最好進行升級,本站也已經更新為PHP 5.1.1。

這次PHP 5.1.1主要是為了改善5.1.0的一些bugs。

另外,使用PHP4的話,最新版是PHP 4.4.1,我想之後應該會再有更新版本,因為它沒有PHP 4.4.0穩定。

PHP 5.1.1主要的更新內容為:

* Disabled native date class to prevent pear::date conflict. (Ilia)
* Improved safe_mode/open_basedir checks in cURL extension. (Ilia, Jani)
* Changed reflection constants be both PHP and class constants. (Johannes)
* Added an additional field $frame['object'] to the result array of debug_backtrace() that contains a reference to the respective object when the frame was called from an object. (Sebastian)
* Fixed bug #35423 (RecursiveDirectoryIterator doesnt appear to recurse with RecursiveFilterIterator). (Marcus)
* Fixed bug #35413 (Removed -dev flag from Zend Engine version). (Ilia)
* Fixed bug #35411 (Regression with {$ handling). (Ilia)
* Fixed bug #35406 (eval hangs when evall'ed code ends with comment w/o newline). (Marcus)
* Fixed bug #35391 (pdo_mysql::exec does not return number of affected rows). (Tony)
* Fixed bug #35382 (Comment in end of file produces fatal error). (Ilia)
* Fixed bug #35360 (exceptions in interactive mode (php -a) may cause crash).); ?> (Dmitry)
* Fixed bug #35358 (Incorrect error messages for PDO class constants). (Ilia)
* Fixed bug #35338 (pdo_pgsql does not handle binary bound params). (Wez)
* Fixed bug #35316 (Application exception trying to create COM object). (Rob)
* Fixed bug #35170 (PHP_AUTH_DIGEST differs under Apache 1.x and 2.x). (Ilia)

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