PHP 5.0.5正式釋出

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PHP 5.0.5正式釋出

PHP官方網站公布了PHP 5.0.5的下載,離上次5.0.4版本的PHP間隔約5個月,官方建議使用PHP5的網站進行升級,本站也已經換到PHP 5.0.5,目前的運作都正常。這次主要的更新有:

# Upgraded PCRE library to version 5.0. (Andrei)
# Removed php_check_syntax() function which never worked properly. (Ilia)
# Added new function mysqli_set_charset(). (Georg)
# Added man pages for "phpize" and "php-config" scripts. (Jakub Vrana)
# Added support for .cc files in extensions. (Brian)
# Added PHP_INT_MAX and PHP_INT_SIZE as predefined constants. (Andrey)
# Changed sha1_file() and md5_file() functions to use streams instead of low level IO. (Uwe)
# Changed ming to support official 0.2a and 0.3 library versions. (Marcus)
# Fixed failing queries problem (FALSE returned) with mysqli_query() on 64 bit. (Andrey)
# Fixed memory corruption in pg_copy_from() in case the as_null parameter was passed. (Derick)
# Fixed ext/mysqli to allocate less memory when fetching bound params of type (MEDIUM|LONG)BLOB/(MEDIUM|LONG)TEXT. (Andrey)
# Fixed memory corruption in ImageTTFText() with 64bit systems. (Andrey)
# Fixed memory corruption in stristr(). (Derick)
# Fixed segfaults when CURL callback functions throw exception. (Tony)

我覺得比較重要的是除了bugs的修復外,將加密用的sha1_file() and md5_file() 這兩個functions從原本低階IO存取的方式改成串流式,再來就是正規表示式比照PHP 5.1.0,也支援到新的5.0規格。其實這些部分更新的地方在日前推出的4.4.0已經實作(如在延伸套件支援.cc副檔名、加密functions的改善等),不過在PHP5的領域都沒有導入這些新的改進,這次的更新等於是幫這5個月來沒有更新的PHP5正式版再往前一步。

至於PHP 5.1.0測試版,很多地方都有些不一樣,還有一些問題在調整,不適合放在正常的網站運作中。但它一些新的改進,這次也有放到屬於正式版的PHP5.0.5中。


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