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星期三, 六月 6, 2007
Collablog 是一個 網際網路內容出版系統,也是一種內容管理系統(CMS),是以 PHP語言撰寫,並搭配 MySQL 資料庫使用。



* Colorative content creation.
* Universal portal page in Collablog Portal.
* Multi members with same blog entry page in Collablog Community.
* Supports modules, templates.
* Supports Free area, plugins.
* Supports RDF 1.0, ATOM 0.3 and RSS 2.0 Syndication formats
* Supports comments with verification Code.
* Supports Trackback.
* Supports spam filter.
* Supports search with highlight results.
* Display RSS feeds on most of pages, such as forum, album, archive, articale, category, etc.
* Supports Podcast.
* Built-in site stat info.
* Built-in reference link info.
* Supports Podcast.
* Supports LDAP .
* Supports email verification.
* Post entries to multiple categories.
* Post Scheduling: post at designated time.
* Built-in Cal module with day planning and social networking.
* Built-in Album module with easy upload function, same as collablog itself.
* Built-in Forum module with simple style discussion and RSS.
* Built-in List module for todo list.

Collablog Portal enabled