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星期三, 十月 3, 2007
新版Flash Player Beta釋出
Adobe公司旗下跨平台的瀏覽器多媒體播放元件,Flash Player 9推出了新版Beta,也稱為Flash Player 9 Update 3,能夠應用在Windows、Mac與Linux等主要平台上,增加次世代視訊規格H.264,以及改善硬體特效支援、向量圖形在多核心處理器平台上的執行效率、全螢幕Flash等等。





Flash Player 9 Update 3 contains several new features:

* Support for H.264 video and HE-AAC audio codecs (new Aug. 21).
* Enhancements to full-screen mode to use hardware scaling for improved video performance and quality on systems running Windows 2000 and newer or Mac OS X 10.2 and newer.
* Faster rendering of vector graphics on multi-core CPUs.
* Higher quality and performance for downscaling large bitmaps (SWF 9 only).
* Support for caching common platform components, such as the Flex framework, to reduce average application sizes. This feature is enabled in the Flex 3 beta available on Adobe Labs.
* Support for full-screen mode on Linux.

Also included in this update:

* Recursive calling to and from JavaScript via the ExternalInterface API is now permitted (not available in Opera or Netscape).
* Runtime errors can now be thrown from JavaScript to ActionScript via the External Interface API.
* HTTP requests from the Flash Player ActiveX Control in some versions of Internet Explorer did not include the Accept-Language header. The ActiveX Control now always inserts this header.
* Support for Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) in the Windows plug-in.

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